So kinda been crazy busy lately! My hubby and I moved to Alaska for the summer! we have been here for about three weeks now and are just finally sort of getting settled in! AND YES WE DROVE! AW! 

It took us 4 1/2 days to get here. We are up here for an adventure  of fishing and working in Ninilchik! (It is pronounced just like it spelled) My pops is sending me my camera and it should get here any day now so i'll get some pictures up of this tiny little town soon :) 

Anyways... I'm crazy busy editing about 5 photo shoots right now so I just wanted to give ya a peek of a few so far!

you might recognize this girl if you have ever done a shoot with us! This is my partner is crime Sara! The other half of Sorella Image! AND GUESS WHAT! She is graduating from BYU in August! So we did a fun shoot before I left :) I LOVE MY SORELLA! and I miss you!

love, sorella image

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