Jaxon Charlz

Jaxon is such a sweet baby boy with a whole lot of hair!
We had such a fun time with him, Jaycie (mom), and Ashton (older brother).

Ashton loves his new baby brother. 
He was so good at helping us show that!



Here is a quick post from a family session. Their little guy was so cute! but I got to tell ya... he wasn't going to smile for me for nothing! :) 

 Love, sorella image


Zach and Stef! They were so so fun to shoot! One because she is one of my besties and two because they are so in love! They were friends in high school and ended up falling in love after he came home from serving a mission in Argentina! And guess what!? That is where she is from! Meant to be? I think so!;) 

Once again we LOVED working on this wedding! Best wishes to Stef and Zac! 
Let hear your thoughts in the comment box below :)
Love, sorella image